I wish you good health…

十月 3, 2017 § 1 則迴響


I have not written any new blog post for quite some time.  And here’s why: we found out we were expecting our second baby.  Our previous helper left then new helpers joined and I was seriously sick right before delivery…

That said…I am back!  As a mother of two now, it is my humble wish that the two boys are living healthily and happily everyday…

It’s been real hectic in the past months juggling work and family…searching for helper (one of our helpers are leaving us due to family reason), applying for schools, preparing annual budget…and what’s more…the 2 boys fell sick…

Dordor has caught bronchitis and chest infection and Honhon inevitably contracted from him and had his first ever fever since birth (he is almost 9 months now!).  Honhon even vomited a few times that both my helpers and I were so worried that we could not sleep through the night and kept checking his temperature.

Am really grateful for the help of my helper…I can really feel their altruistic love over my sons…

And now it’s my turn…I fall sick with stuffy nose and my voice is horrible…but that is OK because when I look back, the sickness was actually a blessing in disguise which brought me closer to my 2 sons!

Honhon used to refuse my cuddles and hugs because he is so attached to aunties…and after a week of intensive home care I am able to put him to sleep and feed him now…

What a blessing!

So this morning I couldn’t help but thank God for all His provisions.


§ One Response to I wish you good health…

  • Gillian 說道:

    oh.. this was the hard time, full of tears and worries.

    Praise for God, He takes care of your family and gave a great present to you, the changes of Honhon.

    Love to hear your life story. Let’s keep blogging. ˆ_ˆ



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